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App Platforms: Play Market & Apple App Store
App Installs: 0
App Age: 2 weeks

Goal: The client wanted to test his MVP (minimal viable product) for both performance and business model.

The client is a startup in photo enhancement niche (the main competitors are Prisma).
The app was developed pretty fast because the design wasn’t the main goal at all. The client wanted to know whether this app can get traction and will it be profitable eventually.

What we did

As usual, we’ve searched every possible information on picture enhancement tools and software, both desktop and mobile, to gather all possible insights.

After thorough analytical research we come up with an individual strategy which consisted of those services:

  • ASO;
  • Facebook Ads;
  • Google Adwords;
  • Google Display Network;
  • Influencer Marketing;
  • Secret sauce (I’ll talk about them in a bit)

For analytic purposes, we used Mixpanel, Google Analytics for Mobile Apps, Facebook Analytics, Appsee, Appsflyer. We ditched some of them later because app started to glitch.

The main business metrics we measured was:

  • LTV – Lifetime value
  • RR – Retention rate
  • ARPPU – Average revenue per paying user

As a result of all those actions, we managed to get really low CPI which resulted in gazillion app installs (see below).



The Results

​After we performed audience & competitive analysis using Facebook Audience Insights, Sensor Tower, App Annie, SearchMan, Google Trends, we managed to figure out the main low competition trend keyword for this app. Of course we then optimized the app around this keyword and bought users from Facebook and Google to let this app grow organically in app market. Our strategy was focused on gaining highest positions in organic app market search, and as a result we got a lot of organic traffic.


Due to unsustainable business model and really HUGE number of negative reviews, this app is no longer available, but it was a really fun ride 🙂

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