Local Construction Business

Domain age: 1,5 years

Links: 25 organic backlinks

On-page optimization: there were some technical issues.

Goal: TOP3 for all buyer keywords

Deadline: 6 months

Region: UA

Niche: Construction

What We Did

1. Project preparation / Drafting

The first stage of inner analysis is SEO audit. After that, we created a semantic core (a list of all keywords), and then — determined the final structure of a website. Using a basic checklist we established a list of recommendations and implemented them. These included duplicate content, errors, dead links, sitemap, new pages creation, etc.  


While creating a semantic core don’t forget to check all the similar keywords related to cities, regions, brands, models, professions, etc., in order to get more traffic.

The outcome

The website is optimized, new web pages are created (using all the keywords from a semantic core), there is a relevant content there. We continue promoting the site.

2. Website promotion

We offered several strategies to the client. He preferred a White Hat, based on the long-term perspective and reliability. Under such an approach, however, the spam strategies are completely excluded.

We built links only from trusted websites to get a smooth and gradual growth. This case is about quality over quantity.

Link building profile

  1. Articles. The main emphasis was made to these links. Some of them were paid, some were free.
  2. Trusted catalogs, web boards.
  3. Free blogs
  4. Photo/video content services
  5. Several regional .edu
  6. Review sites
  7. Job sites

As you can see, we didn’t do anything totally new, just created a complex link profile with different types of links that allowed us to avoid filters.

What key figures to pay attention to when choosing a “donor”:

  • Subject, topics. If limited, switch to mass media.
  • Average traffic (strive to choose platforms with 1000+ users per day).
  • Watch a number of outbound links to eliminate the risk of putting a link to a website which sells links.
  • Website shouldn’t be blocked by web filters.
  • Additional minor advantages: Alexa <300 000.

This information should be more than enough to make a decision. If the site has 1-2k of daily traffic most likely the key figures are already good enough.  Get creative and check the traffic on SimilarWeb too!

Anchor list

– First, use branded anchors only, URL, expert name (if there’s one), e.g.: mirainet, http://mirainet.pro/, Mirai Net, Alexander Lysak, etc, do so within 1-2 months.

– Then start adding broad match keywords. If you’re selling laptops, then you might consider adding the keywords: buy reliable laptop, cheap laptop for under 500, etc. Using broad match keywords is enough to be ranked among TOP 10.

– If you see the keyword is highly competitive and you want it to be on your website, начинаем точечно ставить прямое вхождения, e.g.: buy laptop. It should be made with caution given that прямых вхождений should form no more than 5-7% of the whole anchor list.  

Don’t forget to add links from your site and “donors” to your articles, which you’re going publish in the next 2-3 and coming months. It will help a little to additionally upgrade links.

The Results

They’ve been our client for almost 3 years now.
His rankings remain high for more than a year and their visibility in search has grown from 23% to 89% and it keeps growing.


Interestingly, the very-high-frequency request outrun Wikipedia and become TOP-1. Moreover, the CTR was only 1,8% in comparison with the main commercial keyword with CTR more that 21%, not to mention the rest of conversion rates.

So now we have a living example for clients who want to optimize site for request “shop”. And our answer is: do not do this 🙂

We’ve also created 2 affiliate websites for this client to completely dominate niche. So far, 2017 becomes the best year in terms of sales for this client.

As you can see out of frequency of the requests – there is not much of the traffic in this niche, but it’s quite profitable although. The site got ranked TOP-1 for most of the requests, so everyone’s pleased with the outcome.

If you want to get similar result or advice – feel free to contact us! Our team is always ready to work on interesting projects.

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